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Samantha Morton Interview
Question:  How easy is it for your performance to get past the look of everyone on-set?
SAMANTHA MORTON: I think that with every performance I do and every part I do, thereís either someone in a wig or a complicated costume. It doesnít make a difference if itís set in the 17th century or in the future, like in ďMinority ReportĒ. Itís really the same.

What about walking on stilts? How does that change your performance?
I donít want to talk about that.

So what are you thinking of the shoot so far?
Iím a bit tired today because of jet lag.

How long have you been shooting?
We started in London on the 18th of January, but it was longer for us with rehearsals and stuff. Itís going incredibly well. Iím blissed out. Itís the best locations and feels incredibly old school with the filmmaking even though itís something I donít have a concept, really, with all the technology. But it feels incredibly real and old-fashioned.

How so?
Because despite the technology, heís keeping it very real with the story and the acting.

Are you changing your voice much for the part?
Iím not telling you! Thatís the thing is, I never usually do press before a film comes out but, I think because of the scale of this weíre talking to you and stuff. Itís going to be exciting, thatís all I can say. Sometimes I play someone from Scotland. Sometimes I play an American. I play people from Poland. All over.

What was your familiarity with the books before going in?
I knew of the books, but I hadnít read the books. I knew because of ďTarzanĒ. I was really exciting to realize that weíre making a classic in the same way that someone might say, ďYouíre making ĎJane Eyreí. Youíre doing Charlotte Bronte.Ē I think that should be really something that really gets shouted about. Weíre making a classic from a piece of literature. Not many people can say that when theyíre making something like this. I feel very privileged to be part of a classic. The same way as when I played Jane Eyre.

Whatís the difference between working with Andrew and working with somebody like Steven Spielberg or Charlie Kaufman?
Well, Charlie was a first time director. He worked before in theater. Andrewís not a first timer, though. He doesnít feel like a first timer at all. Heís an incredible director. Heís incredibly humble and kind and sensitive. In a way, it feels very similar because Steven Spielberg is like that. You feel like every day on that set, youíre welcomed. Youíre needed and important. He makes everybody feel like that. Heís just a really wonderful person, which is really nice.

Youíre so secretive about the role.
I donít know about secretive. I just take it very seriously. I see that this is great, that weíre talking to you. But Iím so excited to be part of this film and itís more important to me than anything else. Itís very precious to me. My character is very precious. I approach it the same way Iíd approach any other movie, so Iím sorry if I seem a bit odd. Iím normally used to talking to press in Cannes where the movie has already been shown.

Do you know what youíre doing next?
Yeah, Iím signed to do a couple of independent European pictures. One is called ďAlive AloneĒ, which is about suicide bombings and troubles in London. But I donít know if theyíve got the money yet for that one. Keep it a bit quiet. Another thing is my directing. Iíll be going into pre-production on a couple of films that I want to direct because ďThe UnlovedĒ did so well. Iíll be going behind the camera.

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