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ISSUE 0300
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Centennium IV: 
Contents 0301 - 0400 Chronological Sort
ERBzine 0301: OPEN

ERBzine 0302: Nkima's Chat #3  00.02.25
David Adams' Online Column: Tarzan and the Champion - Cannibals - Heart of Darkness Refs 
ERBzine 0303: Nkima's Chat #4 ~Baum & ERB~- 00.03.03
David Adam's Online Column: Wizards of California: Baum & Burroughs 
ERBzine 0304: ERB & LFB: The Wizards of California
The ERB & LFB Connection: Bios  ~ Links ~ Photos ~ Articles 
ERBzine 0305: Nkima's Chat #5 - Mahars ~ 00.03.10
David Adams looks at Mahars: Poem ~ Pellucidar Art ~ Jack London Connection ~ Links 
ERBzine 0306: Nkima's Chat #6 ~ Jungle Murders ~ 00.03.17
David Adams' summary and commentary on Tarzan and the Jungle Murders: pulp & book covers ~ elephants ~ mowgli ~ Sabu ~ many illos 
ERBzine 0307: Tantor's Family Album
An entire edition devoted to elephants: pics, description, habitat, diet, adaptations, etc. and many ref links. 
ERBzine 0308: Nkima's Chat #7 ~ At The Earth's Core ~ 00.03.24
David Adams' Earth's Core Notebook: Much research in hypertext ~ photos ~ timeline ~ art ~ links 
ERBzine 0309: Nkima's Chat #8 ~ Tarzan and the Castaways ~ 00.03.31
David Adams' Summary & Commentary plus: Tarzan New World links: Mayas, sacrifice, Thor Heyerdahl, Kon Tiki, film locations, covers, pulps, Nkima's retelling, etc. 
ERBzine 0310: FanFare: Tom Lindgren
A reprint of Tom's Barsoom Chronicles pieces from ERBapa: Ode to ERB, Bio, Photo, sketches and links to his Japanese cover collections. 
ERBzine 0311: ERB Article
Swimmers Become Holllywood Tarzans

ERBzine 0312: Motes & Quotes: 00.03.03
Rex Maxon Belgium Strips, Tarzan for Kids, Paul McCall Illos, OB Letter, BARAMPOL, Nkima Goes Wild, Tarzans & Janes Reunite 
ERBzine 0313: Tarzan Never Dies
Ray Palmer reprint from Other Worlds Science Stories, Nov. 1955 ~ Covers

ERBzine 0314: Motes & Quotes: 00.03.10
Classic ERB Covers, Lechuguilla Cave, JT Newspaper Serial, Mailbag, Don't Feed Nkima in Nikko!, Glen Eradi, Tarzan Visits 9 Chickweed Lane, Burroughs Bibliophile Bulletin Board 
ERBzine 0315: Jeff Jones' 1998 ERB Calendar
A Spiritual Analysis By Nkima ~ Many illustrations ~ Link to the Jones site 
ERBzine 0316: Motes & Quotes: 00.03.17
ERB Anagrams, 5th Wave Cartoon, St. John: Work & Play, Lady Jane March, Tarzana Prehistoric Artifact, Tarak Poems, Tantor Amok in Bangkok, BB Bulletin Board 
ERBzine 0317: Motes & Quotes: 00.03.24   Annex: Gridley Wave & Barsoomian Large Images
Mars News Notes, Petting Zoo Anecdote, Collector's Corner: Lib of Ill, Sat. Eve.Post, Old Fanzines, (large image Gridley), Dejah Thoris by Benham, ERB letter, JCB Tribute at ECOF 
ERBzine 0318: Motes & Quotes: 00.03.31
Tarzan Wins Oscar,  "You'll Be In My Heart," Soundtrack Hit, ERB at the Bookstores, English Assignment, von Horst's Princesses Site, Netherlands Appeal, "Battle of Hollywood" by J.Pierce, Cigarette Card, ERB Driver's Licence 
ERBzine 0319: Motes & Quotes: 00.04.07
Apes in the Courtroom, Ape Language, Tarzana 1939, Jungle Heat, Two Worlds lyrics, JC in CyberSpace, Unusual Sites, ERB in Finland, Normand Savage Pellucidar DJ, Weintraub Obit. 
ERBzine 0320: Tarzan Was Born In Chicago I: John I. Tucker reprint from Chicago History Mag. 1970
Tarzan grew out of the combined talents of three Chicagoans: ERB ~ James Allen St. John ~ Johnny Weissmuller 
ERBzine 0321: Tarzan Was Born In Chicago II: John I. Tucker reprint from Chicago History Mag. 1970 
ERBzine 0322: Jungle Girls
Sheena et al 
ERBzine 0323: Lord Greystoke's Asian Gallery Pt. 2: Pellucidar
Cover and interior art from the Japanese edition of Pellucidar 
ERBzine 0324: Nkima Chat #9: Land of Terror
Summary & Essay, Covers, Krenkel Canaveral art, Reference illustrations & links galore 
ERBzine 0325: Nkima Chat #10: Savage Pellucidar
David Adams' Summary & Essay (A Romp in Merry Old Pellucidar), Covers, Pulp Art 
ERBzine 0326: Lord Greystoke's Gallery III: Savage Pellucidar & Land of Terror
Krenkel art, pulp covers and interiors, Larry Ivie art, paperback covers   Large image version 
ERBzine 0327: Burroughsian Language Banks by David Adams
An ERBapa reprint exploring Tarzan's amazing storehouse of languages. 
ERBzine 0328: ERBapa: Edgar Rice Burroughs Amateur Press Association ~ Online Archive   INDEX
Guidelines, photos, history, members, bylines, issue contents, links to article reprints in ERBzin-
ERBzine 0329: Tarzan Swings Again By David Zinman
From Saturday Afternoon At The Bijou from Gallery Magazine ~ April 1973 
ERBzine 0330: Jack of Time by Frank X. Blisard
Chapter 2: Time Bomb 
ERBzine 0331: Motes & Quotes: 00.04.14
Monkeys are Capitalists, Interplanetary Real Estate, Tarzan sings and swings, rare covers gallery, Greystoke Castle on the web, Oddities from darkest Africa, Shecky the Monkey King, Johnny Sheffield & Dum-Dum 2000 
ERBzine 0332: Motes & Quotes: 00.04.21
Pulpateer by L. Ron Hubbard, Lin Carter: bio, biblio, memorium, links ~ AEC Esperanto, Dr. Science, '30s premiums, Monkey do, Major awards, BB Bulletin Board 
ERBzine 0333: Motes & Quotes: 00.04.28
Area 51 photos, Jungle Funnies, Leigh Brackett, Griffin & Burger in SF Weekly, OB Writes Home 45.03.03, Bomba Speaks 
ERBzine 0334: John Coleman Burroughs Tribute: Intro
A Love Story by Mary Burroughs ~ Preface by Jim Thompson ~ Art ~ Contents 
ERBzine 0335: John Colman Burroughs Tribute: Biography by Bill Hillman
Bio, photos, art, links 
ERBzine 0336: John Coleman Burroughs Tribute: Memories by Mary Burroughs
Mary Burroughs in conversation with Bill and Sue-On Hillman in Tarzana 
ERBzine 0337: John Coleman Burroughs Tribute: Art Gallery II
More great JCB art. A companion site to ERBzin-e 166 
ERBzine 0338: John Coleman Burroughs Tribute: JC Sunday Pages Synopsis I
The story line of JCB's 69-week syndicated Sunday strip which debuted on December 7, 1941. 
ERBzine 0339: John Coleman Burroughs Tribute: JC Sunday Pages Synopsis II
The story line of JCB's 69-week syndicated Sunday strip which debuted on December 7, 1941. 
ERBzine 0340: The Official Dave Hoover Art Gallery Website
Five galleries featuring Dave Hoover's unique interpretations of ERB-influenced art with bio and commentary. 
ERBzine 0341: John Coleman Burroughs Tribute: Pulp Gallery
Covers and Art from pulps featuring JCB fiction: Thrilling Wonder Stories, Startling Stories, Amazing 
ERBzine 0342: John Coleman Burroughs Tribute: Jungle Gallery
Cover and frontispiece from Tarzan the Magnificent, cover from Tarzan Clans Handbook, Dave Adams Commentary 
ERBzine 0343: John Coleman Burroughs Tribute: Western Gallery
Art from Deputy Sheriff of Comanche County, Comments by David Adams 
ERBzine 0344: John Coleman Burroughs Tribute: Amtorian Gallery I
Art from Escape on Venus, Commentary by David Adams, Cover art from other editions 
ERBzine 0345: John Coleman Burroughs Tribute: Amtorian Gallery II
Art from Carson of Venus, Commentary by David Adams, other covers, map of Amtor by ERB 
ERBzine 0346: John Coleman Burroughs Tribute: Mars Gallery I
Art from Llana of Gathol, Commentary by David Adams 
ERBzine 0347: John Coleman Burroughs Tribute: Pellucidar Gallery I
Inner Earth Sketches, art from Land of Terror, David Innes of Pellucidar comic art 
ERBzine 0348: John Coleman Burroughs Tribute: Pellucidar Gallery II
Back to the Stone Age art, David Innes of Pellucidar comic art 
ERBzine 0349: John Coleman Burroughs Tribute: JCB Influences: Nicolai Fechin, St. John, etc.
Art Galleries: Fechin, Frederic Taubes, St. John, Walter Elmer Schofield, bio, links 
ERBzine 0350: John Coleman Burroughs Tribute: Danton Doring
Paintings done as tentative ideas for a film script that Bob Clampett and JCB sold to a producer who had developed a unique and startling method of photographing insects. 
ERBzine 0351: John Coleman Burroughs Tribute: John Carter and the Giant of Mars TEXT ONLY VERSION
Nkima Chat #23: Summary, Essays, JCB comic art, cover art, Canaveral art by Crandall 
ERBzine 0352: John Coleman Burroughs Tribute: Synthetic Men of Mars art
JCB art with accompanying novel summary and commentary by Steve Servello

ERBzine 0353: John Coleman Burroughs Tribute: WWII Propaganda Art I
The first 20 pages of the 1943 Douglas Aircraft Job Instruction Manual: X Marks the Spot

ERBzine 0354: John Coleman Burroughs Tribute: WWII Propaganda Art II
Pages 21-40 of the 1943 Douglas Aircraft Job Instruction Manual: X Marks the Spot

ERBzine 0355: Illustrated History of ERB Comics Pt. 1
The Early Years to JCB's John Carter 
ERBzine 0356: Illustrated History of ERB Comics Pt. 2
JCB's John Carter of Mars to the end of the Dell era 
ERBzine 0357: Illustrated History of ERB Comics Pt. 3
Gold Key to the End of the DC Era 
ERBzine 0358: Illustrated History of ERB Comics Pt. 4
Marvel to Dark Horse and Present 
ERBzine 0359: Memoirs of Mars
Original Mars Artwork by Frank X. Blisard ~ Commentary by David Adams 
ERBzine 0360: Motes & Quotes Newzine 00.05.05
May Month-long ERB Art Festival: Hogarth, Blisard Mars art, Fan Art, Art Compilation Covers, Bookshelf covers 
ERBzine 0361: Motes & Quotes Newzine: 00.05.12
May ERB Art Festival: Dave Hoover Website launch, ERB Atlas, St. John, Ballantine covers, Disney, Gallery 
ERBzine 0362: Motes & Quotes Newzine: 00.06.02
2000 ERB Art Festival continues with over 100 ERB C.H.A.S.E.R. Art Links List, Tom Yeates sketches the Hillmans, Rare Covers Gallery, ECOF 2000 Site Directory: Dejah's Diary etc. 
ERBzine 0363: Motes & Quotes Newzine: 00.06.09
Promo & Covers for the Lost Words of ERB Biblio ERBzin-e 219 ~ Unusual Collectibles, Elmo Lincoln Memorabilia, ERB scholars, New Mars Atmosphere Plant, Richard Carsley's Death of Kala
ERBzine 0364: Motes & Quotes Newzine: 00.06.16
Tracy Griffin's Hollywood Report, Ape Art Mosaic, OB Writes Home 43.11.02, Michigan Military Academy photos & telegram, Richard Carsley Fan Art, Tarzan's Revenge: Park Lane Poster, Daughter and Wife of Tarzan, Tarzan Wannabees, Tarzan 78 rpm Record Album, Hillmans & ERB in newspaper tech column 
ERBzine 0365: Motes & Quotes Newzine: 00.06.23
ERB in make-up, Numa wannabe, Tarzana Archives: Hulbert, OB Writes Home 42.05.20, Pogo: King of Barsoom, Jungle Lord and Silverback, Honolulu Star Bulletin 37.07.17, Mailstrom: Query from Random House, Dum-Dum 2000 Schedule 
ERBzine 0366: Motes & Quotes Newzine: 00.07.07
New Virtual Tour of McWhorter ERB Collection, OB Writes Home 44.06.12, President Reagan letter, Contests: Mystery Moon Men, Find the Camera, Paint the Princess, Tarzan on VCD in Far East, ERB in UK, Mailstrom: England, New ERBville, ERB Obituary in New York Times 
ERBzine 0367: Motes & Quotes Newzine: 00.07.14
Gordon Scott Photo Album, new TarzanCinema List, FanFare: William Armstrong, OB Writes Home 43.04.10, Hully's Bookplate, Japanese Tarzan of the Apes Illustrations, 1939 Wine Ad featuring Mrs. ERB 
ERBzine 0368: Motes & Quotes Newzine: 00.08.04
Robert Zeuschner: Mystery Photo Contest, Brother-in-law Eddie Gilbert dies, Collectors Items, OB Writes Home 42.04.18, ERB / Boris Karloff Connection 
ERBzine 0369: Motes & Quotes Newzine: 00.08.11
Jeff Doten's Thuvia, Brian Drive-In Theatre: Tarzan Films, New Official ERB, Inc. website, Tantor and Friend, Collector's Trove, Monkey See, Cards, New covers in our Pulp Biblio, Tarak's Ode to Pulps: ERBzin-e 418 & ERBzin-e 419, Obits: Edward Ashley & X Brands 
ERBzine 0370: Motes & Quotes Newzine: 00.08.25
ERB C.H.A.S.E.R. Online Encyclopedia Launch, Hillman DooDad on Tangor's Wallpaper, Ape Caper Foiled, Two generations of Tarzan, The Ape Man 1932/1981, Movie Memorabilia, Comics Vault, ERB in Saturday Evening Post, New ERB / New England BB Chapter, Memorable ERB Birthdays 
ERBzine 0371: ECOF 2000 Clarksville, Tennessee: Arrival
Hachland Hall, JoN & Dejah, George McWhorter, Bobbie Rucker, Rob Greer, Bruce Wood, Laurence Dunn, Bob O'Malley, David Critchfield, Bob Woodley, Pat & Brad Vinson, Bill Campbell 
ERBzine 0372: ECOF 2000: Hucksters ~ Auctioneers ~ Politicians
Mike Conran, Ken Webber, John Tyner, Bob Hyde, Steve Wadding, Tom Yeates, Bill Ross, Jerry Spannraft, Huck Huckenpöhler, Board Meeting 
ERBzine 0373: ECOF 2000: ERB Comics Panel Presentation
Tarak, Huck & JoN, Mary Burroughs, Jim Thompson, Tracy Griffin, Richard Spargur, Hillman presentation script & illustrations at ERBzin-e 355-358 
ERBzine 0374: ECOF 2000: Jim and Linda Thompson Bar-B-Q
Australian guests Barry (ERB pastiche writer) and Sue Stubbersfield, 2000 Cakes: Barry & Laurence Birthdays 
ERBzine 0375: ECOF 2000: Jim Thompson ERB Collection
ERB Fanatics Run Wild in Jim Thompson's Vast Library 
ERBzine 0376: ECOF 2000: Mary Burroughs Guest of Honour
Second wife of John Coleman Burroughs remembers the Burroughs years, Discussion of JCB bio booklet co-written with Bill Hillman, Mary's personal art collection, early photos, Portrait of Mary by JCB, Jim Thompson Intro, Bill Hillman Moderator, Mary visits with fans, photo sessions 
ERBzine 0377: ECOF 2000: Tarak and Predator Confrontation
Tarak in training: pork brains at Rudy's Diner, tree attacks, tips from Huck, Buster Crabbe, Frank Merrill, JoN, John L. Sullivan and trainer, von Horst. Warm-ups and mortal combat in the Hachland chamber of doom. 
ERBzine 0378: ECOF 2000: Tom Yeates, A Master At Work I
Working from still photos on the covers of  three CD inserts, Tom created a very special John Carter and Dejah Thoris sketch in the likeness of the Hillmans, Bill and Sue-On. 
ERBzine 0379: ECOF 2000: Tom Yeates, A Master At Work II
A continuing frame-by-frame look at the Yeates Hillman sketch as it progresses from blank art sheet to finished product. 
ERBzine 0380: ECOF 2000: Saturday Banquet
Diners and After Dinner Speakers at Hachland Hall, Clarksville, Tennessee: May 2000 
ERBzine 0381: ECOF 2000: After Dinner Photo Shoot
Particpants pose for a barrage of keepsake photos in the Hachland Hall Reception Room 
ERBzine 0382: ECOF 2000: Mementos
A sampling of the souvenirs assembled by ECOF host Jim Thompson: T-shirts, mugs, art, presentation booklets, Mary Burroughs' JCB bio booklet and commemorative card set, bookmarks, buttons, magnets, CD-ROMs, etc. 
ERBzine 0383: ECOF 2000: Sunday Brunch
Smiles and last minute exchanges over the last scheduled event of ECOF 2000 
ERBzine 0384: ECOF 2000: Sunday Farewells
Hugs, poses, embraces and Dejah's plant looting caper 
ERBzine 0385: Dejah's ECOF Diary: Day 1
Sue-On Hillman shares her notes and photos and colourful observations. 
ERBzine 0386: Dejah's ECOF Diary: Day 2
Sue-On Hillman shares her notes and photos and colourful observations. 
ERBzine 0387: Dejah's ECOF Diary: Day 3
Sue-On Hillman shares her notes and photos and colourful observations. 
ERBzine 0388: Dejah's ECOF Diary: Day 4
Sue-On Hillman shares her notes and photos and colourful observations. 
ERBzine 0389: Laurence Dunn at ECOF 2000
A reprint of the ERB Traveller's ERBapa article: Elvis, Tarzan, Supermanů! 
ERBzine 0390: Moon Maid Glossary
George McWhorter's original glossary of terms from the Moon Maid Trilogy, with expanded information by Duane Adams
ERBzine 0391: FanFare: International ERB Fan: Laurence Dunn
A feature on the ERB Traveller which originally appeared in the British publication: NETWORK. 
ERBzine 0392: Lost Words of ERB
Another collection of notes and letters: Tribe of Tarzan Organized 16.12.20, ERB Comments on The War Chief, Whatsoever a Man Soweth: Honolulu Advertiser ~ 42.10.21 
ERBzine 0393: Nkima Chat #11: Johnny Weissmuller: Twice the Hero ~ Review
David Adams reviews the new Weissmuller book: photos, posters, reference links, commentary 
ERBzine 0394: Johnny Weissmuller: A Career Scrapbook
Swimming records, sports records, Tarzan Movies, Jungle Jim Movies, Poster Gallery, Other Media, Reference Links. 
ERBzine 0395: Nkima Chat #12: Gladiators in the Novels of ERB
I Am A Barbarian refs, ERB's Classical Training, Gladiator refs on Barsoom and in the Tarzan series, covers, photos, ref links. 
ERBzine 0396: Nkima Chat #00: Intro and Contents
David Adams' Homepage: Origins of Nkima's Chattering from the Shoulder series, Adams bio, quotes, map to the entire Chats series, locations of the many other Adams appearances in ERBzin-e
ERBzine 0397: Nkima Chat #13: Monster Men
Article on the tradition of Monster Men in literature, covers and reference links galore, Mahlon Blaine Canaveral art. 
ERBzine 0398: Monster Men: Before and After ERB's Vision
Shelley's Frankenstein, The Modern Prometheus, Man Without A Soul in the pulps, Wells' The Island of Dr. Moreau, Cloning, Connections to: Tarzan, Wyndham, Spielburg, Austin Powers ~ Monster Links. 
ERBzine 0399: Lost in the Stacks
Relevant quotes from reference books concerning ERB: Pohl ~ Amis ~ Clarke ~ Wollheim ~ Aldiss ~ N.Geographic

ERBzine 0400: Descriptive Chronological List of ERBzin-es 301-400
A detailed listing of ERBzine Centennium 4

Centennium IV: 
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ERBzine Centennium 4 (Issues 0300-0399)
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FanFare Features
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ECOF 2000: Clarksville, Tennessee
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ERBzin-e 302: Chat #3 - 00.02.25 (Tarzan and the Champion - Cannibals)
ERBzin-e 303: Chat #4 - 00.03.03 (The Wizards of California: Baum & Burroughs)
ERBzin-e 305: Chat #5 - 00.03.10 (Mahars)
ERBzin-e 306: Chat #6 - 00.03.17 (Jungle Murders)
ERBzin-e 308: Chat #7 - 00.03.24 (An Earth's Core Notebook)
ERBzin-e 309: Chat #8 - 00.03.31 (Tarzan and the Castaways - Summary & Essay)
ERBzin-e 324: Chat #9 - 00.04.07 (Land of Terror - Summary & Essay)
ERBzin-e 325: Chat #10 - 00.04.14 (Savage Pellucidar - Summary & Commentary)
ERBzin-e 393 Nkima's Chat #11: Johnny Weissmuller
ERBzin-e 395 Nkima's Chat #12: Gladiators
ERBzin-e 396 Nkima's Chat ~ Intro: Series Origins
ERBzin-e 397 Nkima Chat #13: Monster Men

ERBzin-e 310: An Ode to ERB by Tom Lindgren
ERBzin-e 327: Burroughsian Language Banks (APA) by David Adams
ERBzin-e 328: ERB-APA Archive
ERBzin-e 330: Jack of Time: Chapter 2 by F.X. Blisard
ERBzin-e 340: Dave Hoover ERB Portfolio - 5 Galleries
ERBzin-e 389 Laurence Dunn: ECOF 2000 Elvis, Tarzan and Superman
ERBzin-e 391 Fan Fare: Laurence Dunn

ERBzin-e 315: Jeff Jones' 1998 ERB Calendar: A Spiritual Analysis By Nkima
ERBzin-e 322: Jungle Girls TBA
ERBzin-e 323: Lord Greystoke's Asian Gallery ~ Part II - Pellucidar
ERBzin-e 326: Lord Greystoke Gallery - Pellucidar III - Savage Pellucidar - Land of Terror
ERBzin-e 326a: Lord Greystoke Gallery - Pellucidar III - Large Images
ERBzin-e 340: Dave Hoover ERB Portfolio - 5 Galleries
ERBzin-e 359: Frank X. Blisard's Memoirs of Mars ~ Fan Art Feature

ERBzin-e 334: John Coleman Burroughs Tribute: Intro
ERBzin-e 335: John Coleman Burroughs Biography & Tribute Sites
ERBzin-e 336: Memories of John Coleman Burroughs by Mary Burroughs
ERBzin-e 337: John Coleman Burroughs Gallery II
ERBzin-e 338: John Coleman Burroughs' John Carter of Mars Sunday Strip Synopsis
ERBzin-e 339: John Coleman Burroughs' John Carter of Mars Sunday Strip Synopsis
ERBzin-e 341 John Coleman Burroughs ~ Pulp Gallery
ERBzin-e 342: John Coleman Burroughs ~ Jungle Gallery ~ Tarzan Magnificent ~ Clan
ERBzin-e 343: John Coleman Burroughs ~ Western Gallery ~ Deputy Sheriff
ERBzin-e 344: John Coleman Burroughs ~ Venus Gallery: Escape On Venus
ERBzin-e 345: John Coleman Burroughs ~ Venus Gallery: Carson of Venus
ERBzin-e 346: John Coleman Burroughs ~ Barsoom Gallery: Llana of Gathol
ERBzin-e 347: John Coleman Burroughs ~ Pellucidar Gallery I
ERBzin-e 348: John Coleman Burroughs ~ Pellucidar Gallery II
ERBzin-e 349: John Coleman Burroughs ~ Favourite Artists: Nicolai Fechin
ERBzin-e 350: John Coleman Burroughs ~ Danton Doring

ERBzine 0312: Motes & Quotes: ERBdate 2000.03.03
ERBzine 0314: Motes & Quotes: ERBdate 2000.03.10
ERBzine 0316: Motes & Quotes: ERBdate 2000.03.17
ERBzine 0317: Motes & Quotes: ERBdate 2000.03.24
ERBzine 0317a: Motes & Quotes: ERBdate 2000.03.24 Annex: Gridley Wave ~ Barsoomian
ERBzine 0318: Motes & Quotes: ERBdate 2000.03.31
ERBzine 0319: Motes & Quotes: ERBdate 2000.04.07
ERBzine 0331  Motes & Quotes: ERBdate 2000.04.14
ERBzine 0332  Motes & Quotes: ERBdate 2000.04.21
ERBzine 0333  Motes & Quotes: ERBdate 2000.04.28
ERBzine 0360: Motes & Quotes ERBdate: 2000.05.05 ~ ART ~ ART ~ ART
ERBzine 0361: Motes & Quotes ERBdate: 2000.05.12
ERBzine 0362: Motes & Quotes ERBdate: 2000.06.02
ERBzine 0363: Motes & Quotes: ERBdate 2000.06.09
ERBzine 0364: Motes & Quotes: ERBdate 2000.06.16
ERBzine 0365: Motes & Quotes: ERBdate 2000.06.23
ERBzine 0366  Motes & Quotes: ERBdate 2000.07.07
ERBzine 0367  Motes & Quotes: ERBdate 2000.07.14
ERBzine 0368  Motes & Quotes: ERBdate 2000.08.04
ERBzine 0369 Motes & Quotes: ERBdate 2000.08.11
ERBzine 0370  Motes & Quotes: ERBdate 2000.08.25

ERBzin-e 311: Swimmers Become Holllywood Tarzans
ERBzin-e 313: Tarzan Never Dies by Ray Palmer
ERBzin-e 320: Tarzan Was Born In Chicago I
ERBzin-e 321: Tarzan Was Born In Chicago II
ERBzin-e 304: ERB and LFB: Travellers on the Yellow Brick Road
ERBzin-e 307: Tantor's Family album
ERBzin-e 329: Tarzan Swings Again - Gallery Magazine Feature
ERBzin-e 355: Illustrated History of ERB Comics - Part 1 of 4
ERBzin-e 356: Illustrated History of ERB Comics - Part 2 of 4
ERBzin-e 357: Illustrated History of ERB Comics - Part 3 of 4
ERBzin-e 358: Illustrated History of ERB Comics - Part 4 of 4
ERBzin-e 390 Moon Maid Glossary by George McWhorter & Duane Adams
ERBzin-e 392 The Lost Words of ERB  II
ERBzin-e 394 Johnny Weissmuller Scrapbook and Record Book
ERBzin-e 398 Monster Men: Before and After ERB's Vision
ERBzin-e 399: Lost in the Stacks

ERBzin-e 371: ECOF 2000 ~ Arrival
ERBzin-e 372: ECOF 2000 ~ Hucksters & Auctioneers
ERBzin-e 373: ECOF 2000 ~ Comics Panel
ERBzin-e 374: ECOF 2000 ~ Thompson Bar-B-Q
ERBzin-e 375: ECOF 2000 ~ Thompson ERB Collection
ERBzin-e 376: ECOF 2000 ~ Mary Burroughs
ERBzin-e 377: ECOF 2000 ~ Tarak & Predator Battle
ERBzin-e 378: ECOF 2000 ~ Tom Yeates At Work: Dejah & JoN I
ERBzin-e 379: ECOF 2000 ~ Tom Yeates At Work: Dejah & JoN II
ERBzin-e 380: ECOF 2000 ~ Saturday Banquet
ERBzin-e 381: ECOF 2000 ~ Group Photos
ERBzin-e 382: ECOF 2000 ~ Mementos
ERBzin-e 383: ECOF 2000 ~ Sunday Brunch
ERBzin-e 384: ECOF 2000 ~ Farewells
ERBzin-e 385: Dejah's ECOF Diary: Day 1
ERBzin-e 386: Dejah's ECOF Diary: Day 2
ERBzin-e 387: Dejah's ECOF Diary: Day 3
ERBzin-e 388  Dejah's ECOF Diary: Day 4 Banquet & Beyond

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